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A person takes your property. The person admits they did so unlawfully, admits that they were wrong. Should the person provide you with restitution for your property loss? I'm sure you agree they should. If they then told you yes, I was wrong, my actions were illegal, but I have no obligation to provide you with restitution, would you accept it? What if that person is an artificial entity known as government? By legal definition in Texas Statute government is a person. Do the same Laws of Nature and Nature's God apply?

Informed Citizens was created because this is real. What do you think?

  1. The government takes your property & destroys your Business.

  2. The government admits it did so unlawfully.

  3. Should the government provide you with restitution for your property loss?

Common Sense and Common Law say YES!

Restitution is Right from God. It is an inherent, unalienable, Right

It is a God-Given, Natural, Universal, International & Biblical Right

Our Texas Constitution clearly intended to secure this Right in Our Texas Bill of Rights, as
forever inviolate, and mandates that all laws contrary thereto are void

Citizen secured a FINAL JUDGMENT in a Texas Court,

After Appellate review...But the Texas Legislature has, to date, refused to honor it.

FACTS: These are facts of public record. These facts are adjudicated. (adjudicated means established in a Final Judgment not subject to further review by any other Court) They stand as Truth.

The forgoing are no longer subject to dispute by any licensed to practice law. Why? Because they are officers of the court and, therefore they (1) cannot [lawfully or ethically] misrepresent the facts or the law, and (2) Law mandates they accept the adjudications of the court that are no longer subject to review or reversal. Even if one licensed to practice law is blinded by bias, unable to see the facts of public record, and the applicable law, they have a legal duty to accept finality of the Judgments that found;

  1. This Citizen did not violate any law,

  2. There was no crime,

  3. There was no reasonable suspicion, probable cause, legal justification for the acts of the government, 

  4. Pursuant to definition of our highest courts, his actual innocence has been established. And;

  5. His property was unlawfully taken by the government known as the State of Texas. A taking established by Final Judgment of a Texas Court to constitute a loss of over $660,000

He was, and remains, a victim of multiple violations of Constitutional Law

What has been litigated, disputed, and utilized for 15 years to prevent collection of restitution and closure of this 21 year ordeal - What has been used as an excuse to obstruct justice - is the question of whether or not the government of Texas (aka ' the State of Texas') is above the Law. In Texas it is. That is; unless the Texas legislature gives a citizen permission to sue the State for their property loss that results from illegal actions of the State.

Even if those actions violate fundamental, inestimable (priceless) Rights our Texas Constitution intended to secure for us. It has been ruled that 'subjects' of the State of Texas cannot respond to the illegal, frivolous, and failed lawsuit of the State (the prosecution) with a counterclaim for their property loss. That is; to seek a order from the Courts of Texas directed to the Legislature mandating payment of the Judgment that established the property loss caused by illegal acts of the State. We are told the Courts have been closed to us, absent Legislative permission to enter.

But the moral and legal obligation of the Texas Legislature remains.

Even if the Texas Courts refuse to order the Legislature to comply with our Constitution & the Legislature's own laws. Even if there is no 'order' from any Court. The Moral obligation, and the Legal obligation, exist independent of whatever the Executive, Judicial, or even the Legislature does or does not do. Law existed before governments and exists independent of government. Governments have legal obligations even if there is no means available to force compliance.


  • The only thing that the Office of the Attorney General is now saying is that there is a judicial opinion that says the Legislature did not grant this Citizen permission to sue the State. Thus preventing the AG from saying this is a "valid" Final Judgment.
  • The AG does not deny is that the State has a Moral Obligation to provide Restitution for a victim of government malfeasance. A fact proven Final Judgment of the Texas Courts in 1999. 
  • The AG does not deny is that the State has a Legal Obligation to provide me with Restitution. It is axiomatic that any person, including the artificial entity known as government, has a legal obligation to provide restitution to those whose property has been taken, damaged, or destroyed as a result of illegal acts of that person or entity.
  • I am most happy to see an end to a misrepresentation of my innocence as anything other than actual. The opinion that is obstructing payment could only rule on the Legislatures' act of 2001 as a question of permission to sue. It perverted the legislature's act to deny permission to sue for those exonerated on direct appeal, rather than by Writ. 
  • In past sessions efforts to collect on this debt have been thwarted by a mis representation of the facts and the law from the Office of the Attorney General (OAG), or a misunderstanding of what was said to Legislators by the OAG. It could also be the Legislators chose to blame the OAG for their refusal to honor their Oath of Office. The excuse has been referred to as sovereign immunity. That's a deceptive phrase used by government to claim it is exempt from liability for the wrongs for which any other person or entity would be liable. It is used to claim immunity from an obligation to honor a Legal Obligation, or in this case a Legal Final Judgment absent a grant of permission to from the Legislature to sue the State. But the heart of the question remains one of government accountability. It is a question of the honor of those who we trust, and pay, have elected or hired, to serve us in our Legislature as well as in the other divisions of government. This session we met with the OAG and put an end to shifting of responsibility and the hiding behind hearsay.

    21 years later the only remaining question is whether or not the legislature will honor it's legal and moral obligation to pay restitution to this citizen for his loss resulting from the unlawful acts of the government for Texas (the State of Texas).

    Restitution must be had for the violations of our Texas Constitution and Texas statutory Law committed by State Actors that resulted in property being taken, damaged, and destroyed. If not, then we have no constitution, no law, only the pretense of the Rule of Law while, in practice, only the color of law prevails (appearance without substance). To secure our God-given, inherent and inalienable rights of inestimable value, there must be restitution. Restitution for government malfeasance is an inherent, inalienable, inviolate, god-giving right the legislature has, to date, deprived of this Citizen.


    The following pages of this website will share with you the documented truth of a horrifying 21 year ordeal imposed upon a Citizen of Texas by the government of Texas (aka 'The State'). The ordeal is ongoing. It is not yet over.

    In 2001 the Legislature gave this Citizen permission to sue the State. In 2005 a Final Judgment was secured. Now, to avoid paying the Judgment, the Legislature has engaged in a collusion with the Judiciary and the Executive to withdraw the permission in 2008. The new Attorney General has acknowledged the State has a Legal and Moral obligation to this Citizen but an opinion of questionable validity is an obstruction that the Attorney General now says prevents him from saying the Final Judgment is 'valid' debt that must be paid.

    See the Constitutional Right, the Statutory Law, and the Legislation from the Bench

    This ongoing ordeal puts to the test the belief that we, the People of Texas, are Citizens. It puts to the test the belief that we have Liberty in Texas. Or to be more precise; it raises the question of whether or not the unalienable God-given Rights that YOU possess, deemed by the Founders of Law on our Land in 1836 as inestimable (priceless) are secure on the land known as Texas.

    Our Systems of Justice and Government have, and continue to be, tested. The will of our people to be a free, self-governing, people is being tested.

    If government on our Land of Texas (aka, 'the State') can deprive your fellow Citizen of Liberty, Private Property, and Justice, then the State can do it to you.


    Study this site and take action in defense of your God given, unalienable, inherent, Birth Rights. Those who came before us referred to these as of inestimable value and were willing to take life, and if necessary lose their life, in their defense and to preserve them for you.

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