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 These PDF's are scanned from the Public Record of the Trial and are the testimony of the Agent, referred to as 'the complainant' and presented to the jury as a 'victim'.

Page 55: Agent testifies post dated to give deposited check time to clear. In response to questions from Prosecutor.

Pg 78 - 88: Agent testifies he, alone, had control of the deposit and, therefore, when the check would clear. Testifies customary practice to bring deposit slip to Broker but that on this occassion he did not.

Pg 125: Agent testifies Broker should not be expected to pay him if the commission is deposited but has not been collected!

Thus the Agent testified, under oath, that he was NOT a victim of theft!   There was no victim, thus there was no theft!

In this portion of the public record the Agent testifies to the Contract that was impaired by his actions, and the actions of the State, resulting in the Agent being relieved of his obligations (what he owed) to the Broker. A violation of Constitutional Law.

Page 70: Agent testifies contract stipulates Broker has 7 days after collection of commission to settle with Broker.

Page 71: Agent testifies that Broker is the owner of the Money! (the money the State charged the Broker with theft of)

Pg 90 - 95: Agent testifies Broker may deduct from commission for whatever is owed to Broker by Agent. And that Broker is not liable (does not owe) the agent for any commission not collected! Testifies normal practice is to make deductions on presentation of previous check and that no deduction was made from the post dated check now used as an excuse for the charge upon the Broker.

Pg 101 - 105: Agent testifies Broker may deduce fees comign cue in next 10 days from any payment due to the agent. Testifies that agreement may only changed in writing and that no changes had been made. And that he planned to stay and, therefore, the next months fees were due at that time from whatever might be coming due to him.

Pg 120 - 124: Agent testifies he knew of hold placed on account by the a prosecutor for the State on Friday, the 27th, making it impossible for broker to collect the commission. Again testifies contract says Broker does not owe anything to Agent if commission not collected!

Pg 131-132: Agent testifies all that is earned by and through his efforts is the sole and exclusive property of the broker. [It is now very obvious the State Prosecutor, and the Judge, know the Broker is owner of property the State has accused him of stealing. But observe how they react]

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