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Our US Constitution gives the purpose of government as "to preserve the blessings of Liberty and establish Justice".
For twenty (20) years he has humbly asked our government to fulfill it's purpose for being.

The Civil Proceedings - His Quest for Justice.

In this matter it constitutes a Countersuit. Properly, this case should be titled
The People of Texas (as represented by one of them) Vs. The Government of Texas

The culpability of the government is obvious, is of public record, and has been admitted to by the outcome of the criminal proceedings. The facts cannot be disputed or re-litigated. The government committed theft of his property and, in an attempt to justify it's illegal act it charged him with theft resulting in the taking of additional property from him via damage and destruction in a cover-up attempt that has yet to come to an end.

The adjudicated facts leave no question. The government deprived this Citizen of his Rights secured by our Constitutions. Property loss was incurred as a result. 

What is now at issue should be simply a question of amount of Restitution necessary for justice to prevail. However; past Legislative sessions decreed that government, and those though whom it acts, are above the law unless we, the people of Texas, have been grantedpermission to sue the State”.

The trial establishing his property loss took a day. The remainder of the battle for Justice following exoneration has been litigation over the question of whether or not the Legislature gave him permission to sue the State.



In the course of the Civil Trial it is proven that the value of the property unlawfully taken from this Citizen, one of the people of Texas, by the government of Texas, the State of Texas, is not less than $660.606, as of October 3, 2005, with post-judgment interest on the debt as set by our Legislature in statutory law at 6.5% per year until the debt is paid.

No "Tort" redress. It should be noted that this Judgment provides for nothing more than restitution for property taken by the government. By "taken" is meant by damage and destruction as well as by more direct means. It means property loss. It provides none of the so-called 'tort' remedies for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and mental anguish, or the public humiliation and public scorn a Citizen endures, and will continue to endure from others for the remainder of his life. Most people have to presume guilt whenever another is accused by the government ('The State') of a crime. Thus there is a stigma attached to any accused of a crime.

It is hard to think of a case that would impose more torture on a person's mind and emotion, thus making monetary compensation for torts appropriate. But the Appellate Court limited the redress this Citizen could obtain to the limits of the 'permission' granted by the Legislature pursuant to the theory that government (not the People) are the Sovereign.

A stipulation is not in open court is not revocable. But Judges often allow government entities and their attorneys to violate the Rules of Court and other Law. They are not held to the same standards as other persons and their counsel, as you will see in the next page titled obstruction.

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