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Interior - Additional Pages within this site; Letters to AG & Legislators

Proposed speech to give to House Members with floor amendment to HB 3330

Letter to Each Representative requesting they honor their oath of office, May 8, 2015

Letter to Chief Justice Jeff Rose, May 6, 2015

General Paxton, April 23, 2015 - a priority for a constitutional conservative

Insurance; Required by Constitution vs. TWIA, Workman's Comp, other discretionary

Three (3) minutes oral testimony to Senate Finance Committee, April 13, 2015

House Economic & Small Biz Development testimony, April 9, 2015; Carrot & Stick, Contract Clause

Letter to Honorable Ken Paxton, Attorney General, CC Texas Third Court of Appeals

Letter to Honorable Ken Paxton, Attorney General

Chief Justice of the 3rd COA, questions & answers

Legal Citations from West Law: Actual Innocence = Legal Insufficiency of the Evidence

Testimony Senate Finance Committee, Feb 26, 2015

Insurance; Mandatory by Constitution vs Discretionary

Regulatory Barriers - Senate Committee on Economic Development

Economic Incentives - House Select Committee on

Rule of Lenity, Ambiguity in Criminal Law, Mens Rae - Testimony to House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence

Interior - Additional Information, Commentaries and Reflections

The Magna Carta

The Organic Law of Texas. Includes Bill of Forever Rights of the Individual.

Actual Innocence - Two Definitions, One Substantive, the Other a Procedural (Technical)

On the Purpose for Law, William Blackstone's Commentaries

Is the Public Safe in Texas?

Capitalism or Communism

Common Law

Myths of Law and our Legal System

Informed Citizens Website of 2011

Exterior - to external websites

Honor Quest

Texas Public Policy Foundation - Effective Justice / Right on Crime Policy Center

Texas Smart on Crime Coalition

Center for Prosecutorial Integrity

The Marshall Project

Texas Coalition for Lawyer Accountability

Center for Prosecutor Integrity

Constitutional Conservative, Ken Paxton

Federalist Papers #84 by Alexander Hamilton - explaining Ex Post Facto Law, & other common law rights

Petition of Right, referred to by Hamilton in FP # 84