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Here are links to findings of our Judicial Division proving Heimlich's claim.

We, the People of Texas, as the Sovereign on our Land of Texas, have through our Constitution delegated to Our Legislative Division of Government the exclusive;

Therefore our Legislative Division can take Petitions for Redress of a Grievance and, in response, pay any claim by any person for any reason it chooses

The Petition of Right is a common law of England that predates our Constitution. It provides that anyone can petition parliament for any wrong or property loss suffered at the hands of the government ('The State'). Our Texas Constitution secured this Right in our Bill of Rights. Advice and/or Consent of the Executive Division (the Attorney General, et al) or the Judicial Division (the Courts) is not required pursuant to our Texas Constitution, nor is any statutory law required. 

The Attorney General has no veto power over appropriations made by our legislature. Incredibly; there are some serving in our Legislature who do not know these fundamentals of a republican form of government.

Proceedings in the Judicial Division can be helpful as a means to vet the claim. In other words; set forth the basis for the grievance for our Legislators to save our Legislators the time required to do so; And, additionally, to help determine what amount of compensation is required as restitution for the wrong and/or property loss suffered at the hands of the government.

Additional documents & pleadings are available and added to this site as time permits.