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Summary of a twenty-five (25) year pursuit for Liberty & Justice

This is a One Page Summary in a timeline. What follows is three pages that provide some elaboration on three phases of this quest. The Criminal, the Civil, and the Obstruction, before proceeding to what can be done now - The Resolution.

Criminal Court process w/ State as Plaintiff

Civil Court process. The People, via one, as Plaintiff

See Final Judgment

The Legislature has the power and the duty to fix this by paying the FINAL judgment

The Attorney General cannot (lawfully) dispute Citizen's Actual Innocence or his Property Loss.

Our Texas Courts found in conclusive, FINAL, non-reviewable and non-reversible Judgments:

  1. The State convicted and imprisoned a man whose innocence was obvious from the beginning; and,

  2. As a result of egregious violations of fundamental rights our Texas Constitution's Bill of Rights intended to secure, property loss (aka a taking) was the result.

The loss suffered by this Citizen from unlawful actions of government, were found by the Texas Courts to be, with post-judgment Interest, $1,404,835.85 by Sept. 2017. It remains a Legal Obligation of the government and, pursuant to the Supreme Law of the Land, the government of Texas has a duty to pay it's debt to this citizen for taking (damage & destruction) of his property.

The Texas Legislature, alone, is depriving this Citizen of Justice

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