Will you honor your Pledge?

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All.”

Informed Citizens are dedicated to honoring their pledge to:

A Republic

Liberty for all

Justice for all




“it is an axiom in political science, that unless a people are educated and enlightened, it is idle to expect the continuance of civil liberty, or the capacity for self government.”

The Texas Declaration of Independence March 2, 1836. 

These terms constitute the political philosophy on which the government of our Nation, and the government of our Texas, were established. Therefore we will say that we are political. But we are non-partisan. 


Our cause is to identify those who are using their positions of public trust to enable a political philosophy foreign to this land to become dominate in the practice of law and in the function of government on our Land. The result has been the loss of liberty, the lack of justice, and in effect the destruction of our Republic


Regardless of party affiliation we will expose those whose position requires they preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution and Laws but use their position to do the opposite. Regardless of party affiliation we will expose those who acquire a position as a public servant to serve only themselves to the greatest extent possible at the expense of  the public treasury and our inherent Rights.


Our Mission is to educate, to enlighten, and to provide news. There is a need to remind others of what a Republic is, what Liberty is, and what Justice is. These terms are often misused by those promoting an agenda. Sometimes by those whose agenda is in opposition to these terms.


We will educate and inform the public. However; our efforts are primarily directed and educating those who have been entrusted with positions of employment, by election or appointment, into our government. Experience has shown a shocking lack of knowledge or understanding of how a Republic must function to be a Republic, and of what is required of them for Liberty and Justice to prevail.


We begin with an assumption they are ignorant of their duty to know. We eliminate that as a possible excuse. If they continue to act contrary to their duty we will inform the public so appropriate action can be taken.


We are promoting the shared beliefs that people of both major parties, as well as others, are expected to adhere to as Americans and as Texans. What is found in our founding documents, for both our United States and Texas, summed up beautifully in the pledge of allegiance to – The Republic, to Liberty, and to Justice.We are looking for help from fellow Americans in Texas who want to honor the commitment they made to the core values and shared beliefs that transcend partisan politics on this land. Help us to demand these core values and shared beliefs be present in every public policy and every action by our government. We also expect the same from of all who choose to live on this land as well as those who are blessed to be Citizens of the United States and Citizens of Texas. We will educate or remind them of what it truly means to be an American and to be a Texan. 

Contribute or volunteer to help with our missions.